Our Ethics


AntiBeauty is ultra concious of the environmental impact the beauty industry has and does the following to reduce ours.

- Uses 100% Recyclable PET bottles and has multiple sustainable packaging projects in our road map. We are looking into multiple different packaging types including R-PET, PCL, PHA, PLA and Bioplastics. As a small company, these are currently out of reach but we are working on it!

- Ships in recycled cardboard boxes and paper packaging to reduce single use plastic where possible. Please reuse the tissue paper that we pad our boxes with when you're gifting things to your friends!

- Manufactures our products with an ethical manufacturer who shares the same sustainability pracitices as us. We work with companies that follow the same values as us so that you can be assured that your support is going towards good causes.

- AntiBeauty plants a tree or funds a project for every purchase made, and have done since we launched, this makes us a 100% carbon neutral company. (See our work here: www.ecologi.com/antibeauty) We also plan to contribute more, as we grow!

- Works in an almost fully paper free environment and are consistently looking for ways to reduce any waste we may have. (For example we only ever print if necessary and keep all records digitally)

Natural Preservation

AntiBeauty believes that companies have a responsibility to honour the planet and it's inhabitants.

- All AntiBeauty products are made with ultra high quality and 100% Vegan ingredients.

- AntiBeauty does not, and will not test on animals, in this day and age there is absolutely no reason for a company to still engage in these practices, also we encourage you to do your due diligence on your favourite brands who claim this; some of them are owned by parent companies that do still engage in this antiquated and barbaric act.

- We use no ingredients that are harvested in ways that can damage the environmental homes of those that inhabit them.

- All AntiBeauty products are currently 100% natural, we will note that we are currently developing some products which do have safe synthetic replicas of those found in nature, these synthetics will be purely to prevent damage to the environment or to have action that is not found in nature, but we will be fully transparent in every aspect of them when this occurs.


The forefront of the AntiBeauty Movement is that we are 100% Inclusive.

- Our products can be mixed and matched to suit literally any skin type, gender, age or skin concern. If you are having difficulties creating your customised routine, please use our Skin Quiz , Get a Free Skin Consultation , Or email us at Support@AntiBeauty.com

- AntiBeauty products are all made to be used mindfully and designed specifically to cater to those who have sensory issues with applying skincare. You won't find any sticky, weird feeling products in our range, and that is for a reason!

- AntiBeauty is 100% culturally and socially inclusive. We use real people from the community in our advertising where possible. As a small brand with a very limited budget, we are working on ways on showing you more and more examples of the diversity in our community but are currently restricted to using inclusive stock photography.

- We are Australia's first brand to be inclusive of the non-binary and trans communities. The LGBTQIA+ community has long experienced a lack of representation in the beauty industry, and we are here to help including having the first routines in the world that take into account what HRT does to the skin as you transition.

- Our products are non gendered as we treat your skin concerns. Skincare does not need to be in a pink bottle for women, and a black bottle for men. Skin is skin, and it's no longer appropriate to be viewing products as gendered.