About Benjamyn

AntiBeauty was created by our founder Benjamyn Gardner.

They have been working as a makeup artist and skin specialist for over 15 years and is in love with seeing ALL forms of beauty... 

For the few years before entering the Anti Beauty industry, they were also the top salesperson in Australian for one of the largest beauty companies in the world, this is where the realisation hit them.

After realising how limited the industry is in it's vision of equality, they decided to take the plunge and create AntiBeauty to smash stereotypes of what the industry and the general population have conditioned us to see as being "beautiful".

There is absolute lack of representation of MANY forms of beauty and we aim to totally smash that out of the water... We are all beautiful, you know it, and we are going to prove it.

Our motto is you are already beautiful, you do not need to buy our products to be beautiful, but of course having clean, clear and healthy skin is a massive confidence booster for anyone. There are also many links to better mental health, with better self care.

Ben's Skin Journey

Skincare has been a huge influencing factor in creating a positive mindset in my life. As someone who has genetic mental health issues, I am very focused on altering what I can within my life to create the most harmonious balance possible.

There is a huge connection between self care and mental health, and if nothing else... I can attest to that. Using personal care as a mindfulness exercise is extremely important in my life.

I've spent their whole life suffering from multiple skin concerns including: Rosacea, Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Dandruff, Fungal Acne and ultra Sensitive Skin.

The Solution

After spending literally thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars on Dermatologists, Prescription Skin Creams, Skincare and "Solutions" all of which either did not work or actually exaccerbated the condition, I decided enough is enough and worked with one of Australia's leading cosmetic chemists to create my own brand.

AntiBeauty not only only works,
But does EVERYTHING possible to set itself apart from the industry.

Results don't lie... Airbrushing does.
But neither of these images are altered digitally.

Of course it would be a lie to say I NEVER have flare ups, all skin does, no matter how good your routine is. But they occur maybe 1-5% of the time instead of being all day every day, and that my love... is a massive relief.

Benjamyn - AntiBeauty

Notable Achievements


Benjamyn was the Director of Sales, Marketing and Design for the World's most recognised niche furniture brand Haunt.

As well as being the top salesperson in Australia for one of the largest beauty companies in the world.

Customer Service

Benjamyn LOVES to see people happy, and uses his years of experience in multiple avenues of customer service and satisfaction to ensure his clients are satisfied.

We guarantee our products and work with you to ensure you meet your skin goals!

Social Change

Benjamyn is a member of the City of Canning on the Inclusion and Diversity panel and actively works towards making a different.

AntiBeauty is not just a business, it is the driver for massive social change. We want to change the ethical responsibility of beauty!

Award Winning

AntiBeauty has won 18 awards since it's inception in 2022 including "Most Innovative Skincare Brand in Australia," "Best Skincare Brandd in Australia," and "Most Inclusive Skincare Brand in Australia."

We have also been nominated for far more including the Telstra Best in Business Awards 2022, and City of Canning's Impact Innovator Award. To learn more click HERE.