Australia and New Zealand-
Standard Domestic Shipping - $9.95
Express Domestic Shipping - $14.95
Free Express Shipping for all orders over $150

Standard International Shipping - $19.95
Express International Shipping - $24.95
Free International Shipping for all orders over $200 (AUD)

If you order an in-stock product delivery:

Australia- Between 3-7 business days for standard or 1-3 business days for Express Shipping.

The following are estimated times for other countries:
New Zealand - (7-14 working days)
North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Pacific - (14-28 working days)
Rest of the world - (21-30 working days)

This timing is an approximation and will be confirmed in a week.

(Please note that if you pre-order an item, the above timing does not take into account product production.)

Please email us at Support@AntiBeauty.Com if you need clarification.

Note: Subject to placing your order before specific cut-off times. 

For more information view our full Shipping Policy

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