Out of the Blue Serum: A powerful blend of skincare essentials for oil control, blemish banishment, and hydration, by AntiBeauty.
Out of the Blue Serum texture: A powerful blend of skincare essentials for oil control, blemish banishment, and hydration, by AntiBeauty.

Suero Out of the Blue - NUEVA FÓRMULA

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Un potente suero que controla eficazmente el exceso de grasa y brillo mientras proporciona una hidratación intensa para una piel equilibrada y de aspecto mate.
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  • Suitable for Piel grasa, piel propensa al acné, acné hormonal o piel envejecida

Experimente la potencia de AntiBeauty Out of the Blue Serum, una poderosa fórmula diseñada para combatir el exceso de grasa y brillo mientras brinda hidratación intensa para una piel equilibrada y de apariencia mate.

Específicamente formulado para ser seguro para la piel afectada por Malassezia, incluida la rosácea, la dermatitis seborreica, la foliculitis y el acné fúngico.

  • La niacinamida ayuda a regular la producción de grasa y minimizar la apariencia de los poros.
  • Los ingredientes hidratantes como el ácido hialurónico y el jugo de aloe vera reponen los niveles de humedad sin obstruir los poros.
  • El aceite virgen de semilla de brócoli y la vitamina E brindan beneficios antioxidantes mientras mantienen el equilibrio natural de la piel.
  • El octildodecanol matifica la piel y reduce el brillo para una tez más suave.
  • El pantenol calma y nutre, dejando la piel suave y flexible.
  • Los aceites esenciales de rosa y vainilla ofrecen una fragancia delicada y beneficios adicionales para la piel.
  • El polvo de té de guisantes de mariposa agrega protección antioxidante y antiinflamatoria, además de proporcionar un hermoso tinte azul claro.

Transforme la piel grasa y brillante en una tez equilibrada y de apariencia mate con AntiBeauty Out of the Blue Serum.

Tipo de producto: Suero facial
Tamaño: 30 ml
Tipo de piel: grasa/toda
Textura: Líquido ligero
Fragancia: Rosa y Vainilla

Piel grasa, piel propensa al acné, acné hormonal o piel envejecida

Masajea una pequeña cantidad en tu rostro, evitando el área de los ojos.
Continúe con la loción humectante AntiBeauty recomendada.
Utilizar mañana y noche.

Jugo de aloe vera, ácido hialurónico, aceite virgen de semilla de brócoli, vitamina E, niacinamida, octildodecanol, pantenol, aceite esencial de rosa, aceite esencial de vainilla, té de guisante en polvo, Optiphen Plus, Geoguard Ultra

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Absolutely divine!!!

This product has made such a difference to my skincare and make up prep. It glides on so smooth, I only need a half pump to cover my face and neck. It smells delicious and has made my makeup last longer and my skin less oily at the end of the day. Definitely recommend for oily skin types.

What an amazing first review for the first of our new and improved formulas!
Thank you Hannah and I'm so happy it's everything you dreamed of and more!
Ben - AntiBeauty


The pesky acne spots that come up, go within a day or two without getting intrusively large. Lasts for so long when used on targeted areas. Or about 2 months for one pump morning and night for whole face

Yondette Dungca

I’ve been using AntiBeauty for a couple of months now and in that time I got very unwell and my skin broke out. The service I received from Ben has been next level incredible. He explained the process and the things my skin is going through what with the change of product and being so unwell. He was kind and compassionate throughout and now I am excited to be seeing healthy skin when I look on the mirror. Thank you for everything you do, Ben. You and your products are 10/10

Jenni Abet

Best products we've ever used! highly recommended! 😍

Justine Kennedy
2 month mark

I write this review after 2 months of morning and night use. I have very sensitive skin and the first week I had no reactions. I came off a wrongly prescribed rosacea cream from the doctors and was very inflamed. I am absolutley delighted with how much my face has evened out and calmed down. I use this with reveal cleanser and moisturiser as I have oily skin.
I was worried that a small bottle would run out quickly but one pump is always enough to cover my face.


The advice and support for my skin was SO helpful, I was more than happy to give this product a go. Early days so far, but it is frangrance free and super light which is great because I use it in conjunction with other gorgeous products and I dont want to lose the smell and sensation of those. I am definitely breaking out less and looking forward to seeing how my skin looks in a couple months :D Thanks!!

kerry collins
Rescue Remedy for pimples

My daughter has been using this product in combination with the Reveal Enzyme range.
She has very acne prone skin.
According to her the products don't actually keep the acne away but when she has flare ups they are resolved much sooner.
This is her favourite product(and believe me she has used everything)She doesn't know what she would do without it.

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