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This brand just cannot be beat!

I have tried so many cleansers and none compare! This one is gentle but actually cleanses and removes make up while keeping my skin hydrated and the light scent is lovely. The moisturiser keeps my face genuinely moisturised all day, it's lightweight and my make-up glides straight over. Again the light fragrance just makes this feel so luxurious. I love that you only need such a small amount of product too

Loving these products!

I ordered the Potent Ageless bundle and I’ve been loving it!
The ordering process was simple and I was able to ask the company questions with a quick response.
I’ve been getting into a good routine and the products are easy to use and feel really good on my skin.
I love how my skin is feeling after doing the whole routine. I’m glad I made my purchase :)

Potent Ageless Elixir
Kate Campbell
Winter wonder

My skin gets really dry and irritated in winter... not this year!! Love the moisture hit and it's keeping everything hydrated in the dry winter air 😍

My Skin Drinks This In

I absolutely LOVE this Vitamin C serum. I use immediately after a mask or a general cleanse before moisturizer. I've tried many Vitamin C serums including Peter Thomas Roth, Beauty Counter, and ZO Skin Health which I can't put a moisturizer on after. I will now add this to my regime.

The Mask of Masks

I am in constant search for purifying masks that help reduce redness and this has become one of my favorites. I was initially surprised by the powder form, so when opening the container some fell out. Yes, it's messy, but I think that's part of the fun! It also doesn't completely dry out my skin. Now I'm quite careful when I use this product.

My skin looks & feels so smooth after using these exfoliating crystals! Really gentle on my face & knees, not harsh like other exfoliates. Wonderful customer service - Ben is lovely & very helpful

Potent Ageless Elixir
Lauren Williams

This Elixir feels amazing on my skin! My face feels so soft! Fantastic customer service from the very lovely Ben

Amazing cleanser!

Loved talking to Ben when I first met them at an LGBTQIA+ Business Event and was stoked I could support a local business and one that is such wonderful quality! I have used the facial cleanser and daily moisturising cream and have loved them both - with my favourite being the cleanser. I love a bit of foam so it feels like you're getting a good clean, it smells fragranced, but light and is a great sized bottle to last you ages. Plus its cruelty free, vegan, Aussie made and owned and bottles are recyclable! Love love love. (I have also bought the clay mask, which you have to mix the powder into water to make the mask which I think has subconsciously stopped me from trying it. But think I will wait til the weather gets warmer and I'll commit to it and update my review!)


I absolutely love this serum!

A 'revealing' discovery

I discovered Anti-Beauty after a commenter on a competing brands ad directed people to support a nonbinary owned business and I'm very lucky I went and investigated because holy heck. These are the best skincare products Ive ever used. There is so much obvious care and love put into these formulations and a clear understanding of the diverse skincare needs of different people. I wasn't expecting much very quickly but within three weeks, my skin is visibly clearer than its ever been. Acne scars are disappearing, redness is reduced and my overall tone is much brighter and balanced. In terms of the acne treatment side of things, I'm in the middle of a breakout, and it's about as bad as it usually is when I'm NOT having a breakout, which is a huge improvement. On a good day, there's maybe one or two pesky spots but that's a massive step up from drug store stock. The samples of the spot treatment and exfoliating crystals were a huge bonus and I'm definitely going to be purchasing the spot treatment as it's been a huge help. It very quickly calms things down and over a few days they're barely visible.
Thankyou so much for your incredible work and commitment to good quality skin care, without the bullshit.

Overall, I highly recommend this bundle if you have oily/acne prone skin. If you're like me you've tried dozens of brands trying to find the right cocktail but it is definitely worth giving this a shot.

Best skincare and brand

I came to Anti Beauty because I loved what the brand stood for and was very skeptical about the money back guarantee. I did the quiz, and asked a few questions and now 5 months later I own the whole kit and caboodle. My skin isn’t perfect, because that’s not what it’s about. My skin is so much healthier, but more so I am so much more comfortable with my skin even on the ‘bad’ days.

Detox Pink Clay Mask
Emily Wilkinson

Skin was glowing after first use according to my husband!

Beautiful products

I bought the Potent Ageless Bundle. I immediately noticed how much more hydrated my skin was compared to my previous (much more expensive) brand. Beautiful products I am recommending to all my friends.

Love it!

One of the nicest serums I’ve used

Best ever

At last it is time to re order my cleanser. The best thing about this cleanser is it's smoothe texture and that it feels like it really makes a difference.The added bonuses are:that it lasts for ever and that when you renew you almost always get a little gift.☺

Saturate Bundle

Lovely set, lasts forever, non greasy but moisturising

Love it!

I find this moisturiser perfect for my sensitive skin, it leaves it fresh and glowing but without any stickiness. It's perfect to use every day.


Love this product and the service from Anti Beauty. Highly recommend. Has helped my rosacea too.

Best exfoliatingcrystals ever

After just a single use of these crystals i felt an instant difference to my face, it feels so smooth and soft, i highly recommend this one!

Potent Vitamin C Serum
NicolIa cuthbert

I loooove this product, been using it for around a month now and can definitely feel the improvement in my skin

Potent Spot Perfector
Justine Kennedy
2 month mark

I write this review after 2 months of morning and night use. I have very sensitive skin and the first week I had no reactions. I came off a wrongly prescribed rosacea cream from the doctors and was very inflamed. I am absolutley delighted with how much my face has evened out and calmed down. I use this with reveal cleanser and moisturiser as I have oily skin.
I was worried that a small bottle would run out quickly but one pump is always enough to cover my face.


Love this bundle! Especially when teamed with the Vit C Serum. My skin feels great and hydrated. The fragrance is also amazing 🤩

Potent Vitamin C Serum
Richard Turen
Saving Sun Ravaged Skin

I ordered this serum after conversation with Ben , I am using on a daily basis.
I love the smell and feel of it as I apply it, can feel it on my forehead all day, seems to have a tightening effect !
Definite improvement on flakey skin and softer appearance ! I am 75 so many years of neglect to repair but I feel confident in the effect it’s having !

Daily Moisturiser

I have been using it for a while.
💜Nice packaging
💜No irritation after use
💜Easy to carry and use .
Use it as a Moisturiser day and night
💜My whole family been using it. Loving the fact that it made from naturally derived organic ingredients.
💜Absorbs quickly and non-greasy
💜It smells so divine. Scent : Jasmine, lavender ,Patchouli, Yiang Yiang
💜I found it a very good daily moisturiser which keeps my skin soft, velvety smooth & super hydrated.

Highly recommended.

Potent, Powerful with the gentle touch

This product sticks to its name and does exactly what it says. The product is potent, but gentle and light on your skin. Highly recommend!